Nothing but Embedded systems

At LABCSMART, we are embedded systems, free software and open source enthusiasts, and proud to put our expertise at your service. From specification to production, our engineers support and advise you throughout your project either through our training sessions or technical support and consulting. Our teams are able to meet all the needs identified in the embedded systems and connected objects markets.

Some of our interventions focused on the following topics:

  • BSP development, bootloader and kernel porting
  • System integration with embedded Linux build systems such as Buildroot and Yocto project
  • Cyber security: secure boot, cryptography, secure element with PKCS11 management, etc …
  • Specific integrations: filesystem, specific network layer, video, audio
  • Boot time optimization and enhanced power management, …
  • Profiling and low level optimization (network performance, etc …)
  • Linux integration in real time environment
  • Low level code and driver development
  • Licensing advice
  • MCU based development
  • CI and CD using buildbot

NOTE: We carry out all the developments in our premises, with the possibility of temporary trips throughout France and internationally. however, expertise and consulting missions can be carried out partially or totally in your premises.

Need to discuss about your project or interested in one of our training classes, kindly drop us an email to or get in touch with us through our contact page.